12:30 LRN Newscast

The St. James Parish Sheriff’s Office has arrested a parish employee on felony charges of aggravated cruelty to animals and illegal use of a weapon.  54 year old Brian Lambert allegedly committed the crime in front of several school children waiting at a bus stop.  Director of the Humane Society of Louisiana Jeff Dorson says the dog, a Russell Terrier/ Shih Tzu mix named Rocky, wandered onto the Lambert’s property.

Cut 6 (05) “…into the canal.”

Get ready for monsoon season in Louisiana, because the next week is going to be one long rain storm if current models are correct about a tropical wave that’s set to enter the gulf. The wave, just off Hispaniola, is projected to impact the area early next week. National Weather Service Slidell Meteorologist Frank Rivett says it’ll be a lot of rain, but not much more than that.

Cut 9 (08) “…possible”

Ten years ago Saturday, one-point-five million Louisiana utility customers were without power as a result of Hurricane Gustav. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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