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Saturday marks the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Gustav making landfall near Cocodrie with 105 miles per winds. The storm left 1-point-5 million  without power in Louisiana and former Entergy spokesperson Jeff Holeman told Talk Louisiana with Jim Engster the outages were extensive…

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Houma, Baton Rouge and even central Louisiana received extensive wind damage.

Tigers fans are invading the Dallas area this weekend ahead of the big opener against number 8 Miami in AT&T stadium just up the road in Arlington. And if the game doesn’t go our way and you need to blow off some steam with a stiff drink, a bite to eat, and some local music, Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau Spokesman Phillip Jones has just the place for you.

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Attorney General Jeff Landry is joining 15 other attorneys general and governors from across the nation who are petitioning the US Supreme Court to shoot down workplace protections that would prevent transgender workers from being fired for being transgender. Louisiana Trans Advocates Board Chair Dylan Waguespack says the amicus brief is another anti LGBT statement from the AG.

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But Solicitor General Liz Murrill says the current approach to trans workplace protections is unconstitutional, because it sidesteps congressional and legislative processes in favor of judicial and executive decisions. Murrill says the decision must be made by lawmakers, because judicially protecting trans workers from employment discrimination takes away rights from employers.

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