430PM LRN Newscast July 10

Governor Edwards is back in Louisiana after speaking with President Trump about criminal justice reform efforts. Landry and Kennedy along with outgoing DA’s Association President Ricky Babin have pointed to rearrests linked to prisoners who’ve been released under the reforms, but during an appearance on AM Baton Rouge on Talk 107-3, Edwards said the number of people released under the program who’ve been rearrested would still be under the national average of 40 percent.

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The Tigers are installing the largest video board in college baseball in Alex Box Stadium and it’s set to go online for the 2019 season opener in February. The goliath sits right off left field and is 71 feet wide and nearly 38 feet tall. LSU Baseball Publicist Bill Franques says that’s not all…

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The state has entered negotiations to purchase 10-thousand voting machines from Dominion Voting Systems, Inc, but the price tag has increased to repace their current machines. Interim Secretary of State Kyle Aroin had projected the cost at $60 million, but he says the more realistic price tag is now in the ballpark of $90-95 million dollars

Cut 9 (06)  “…bring down that cost.”

Ardoin says the plan is for the state to replace early voting machines, five parishes at a time, starting this year. Full implementation is expected by 2020.

A mother was stabbed to death while pushing her one-year-old son in a stroller in Gretna, Louisiana. Authorities say the suspect 41-year-old Damone Ussin, and the victim 35-year-old Tarniel Gray of Gretna had a dating relationship. Ussin has been arrested for second degree murder and Gretna Police Chief Arthur Lawson says he has a substantial criminal history.

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