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Governor Edwards is back in Louisiana after speaking with President Trump about criminal justice reform efforts. During an appearance on AM Baton Rouge on Talk 107-3, the governor defended what he called progress in reducing the state’s inmate population. Critics have pointed out that some of the released have been rearrested, but Edwards says the number of people released under the program who’ve been rearrested would still be under the national average of 40 percent.

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Louisiana shrimpers say a strike could be coming soon if prices hit thirty cents a pound as they are feeling the effect of cheaper, imported seafood.  Captain Acy Cooper says not enough is being done and tariffs are only a temporary fix and suggests possibly putting a cap on imported shrimp so local shrimps can continue to make a living.

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The Tigers are installing the largest video board in college baseball in Alex Box Stadium and it’s set to go online for the 2019 season opener in February. The goliath sits right off left field and is 71 feet wide and nearly 38 feet tall. LSU Baseball Publicist Bill Franques says it’s really going to add to the game day experience.

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The 16mm high def board will air crucial replays and an expanded suite of baseball stats for metric hungry Tiger fans who’ve led the nation in college baseball attendance since 1996.

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