10:30 AM Newscast

The attorney for a 19-year-old shot by a state trooper says he’s got questions as to why his client was shot in back when the officer claimed she was being rushed by his client following a traffic stop. The lawyer, Don Cazayoux, didn’t identify his client, who was a passenger, but says something just doesn’t add up about Trooper Kasha Domingue’s account of the incident.

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The shooting was not captured on video.  The attorney for the trooper claims the body cam was defective and the patrol vehicle was new and not yet equipped with a dash cam.


New Orleans Police say a man is in custody following a fatal shooting in the French Quarter early this morning. Authorities say a male victim died at a local hospital after he was shot at the intersection of Bienville and Decatur streets. No other details are known.

Attorney General Jeff Landry says “there is no doubt if I run, I’ll beat John Bel Edwards, and you can tell him that.” That’s from an interview with USA Today Network, where the AG seemed to throw down the gauntlet and do everything shy of outright saying he’s running for governor in 2019. UL Lafayette Political Science Professor Pearson Cross says there’s nothing subtle about it.  The AG has tangled with Edwards recently over the death penalty. Cross says if this is for real, then Edwards’ will have a serious challenge on his hands.

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Entergy has made it official as the utility company tells the Louisiana Public Service Commission that it’s removing the surcharges on customers’ bills that have paid for the repair costs from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  Entergy spokesperson Lee Sabatini the fees sprung up after Entergy’s power supply system took a huge blow from the historic hurricanes…

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