AM Newscall June 1

The Atlantic Hurricane season begins today. Michael Farrar gives us a preview on what we can expect.

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Governor Edwards says Louisiana now has some of the toughest anti-hazing laws in the nation, inspired by the death of LSU student Maxwell Gruver. Jeff Palermo has the story.

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Major delays are expected this weekend in Baton Rouge as eastbound approach to the River Bridge gets shut down for repairs. Matt Doyle has more.

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The 2018 Atlantic Hurricane season officially starts today despite the fact that the Gulf Coast has already seen its first named storm of the year. NOAA projects 10 to 16 named storms, 5 to 9 hurricanes, and 1 to 4 major hurricanes. State Climatologist Barry Keim says that’s not too far off base for an average year.

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Much of the prediction is based on the fact that the last twenty years have been some of the most active storm seasons in recent history. Keim says projections will trend towards busier seasons until there’s a noticeable change in the pattern.

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Sub-Tropical Storm Alberto hit the Gulf Coast over the Memorial Day weekend, which has some folks worried that we could be in store for a busy year if its only May and we’re already getting named storms. Keim says it doesn’t work like that.

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Last year’s historic hurricane season claimed lives across the Gulf and caused nearly 300 billion dollars in damage.


The FDA has told several companies to stop claiming that their sunscreen pills will protect consumers from the suns. Co-founder at Audubon Dermatology in New Orleans, Dr. Deirdre Hooper, says there is no dietary supplement that can prevent the sun’s harmful U-V rays.

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While these pills may contain antioxidants that can help repair skin damage, Dr. Hooper does not believe the claims…

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The FDA and Dr. Hooper emphasize the only way to protect yourself from sun exposure is to apply sunscreen…

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If you want to try one of these pills, Dr. Hooper suggests you should talk to a board-certified dermatologist or visit, American Academy of Dermatology, for reliable information.


Governor John Bel Edwards signed a series of anti-hazing bills Thursday that he says will give Louisiana some of the stiffest hazing laws in the nation. The legislation was inspired by the death of an LSU student in a hazing incident last year, and led to the creation of the “Max Gruver Act”. Edwards says he fully expects other states to adopt the same laws in coming years.

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Gruver’s parents led the charge on the new anti-hazing legislation, specifically Representative Nancy Landry’s bill that makes hazing a felony crime, with up to five years in prison, if convicted. Edwards thanked the Gruver’s for their bravery in the face of that terrible tragedy.

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Edwards says these laws won’t just crack down on Greek life, it protects students in all organizations on college campuses.

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A major road closure is expected for the Mississippi River Bridge in Port Allen/Baton Rouge, starting Friday night at 7pm and ending noon Sunday. The eastbound lane will be shut down for some repair work. It’s the second weekend for the repairs. DOTD Spokesperson Rodney Mallet says if you’ve got road plans that lead you through BR this weekend, plan accordingly.

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Mallet says this will likely mean some nasty traffic through most of the major throughways in Baton Rouge proper.

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Mallet says the repair work is much needed, especially after the winter freeze required some emergency temporary repairs to be completed to keep the road operational.

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Mallet says if you’re interested in seeing the work that was completed recently, drop by the DOTD Facebook page for a time-lapse video. Rodney says he’d appreciate it, considering he had to climb a pole in a rain storm to get the recording.


LSU Coach Paul Mainieri’s team will be short on pitching for the Corvallis Regional as he says its unlikely that Ma’Khail Hilliard and AJ Labas will be able to pitch because of fatigue. Mainieri says it will behoove the Tigers to stay in the winner’s bracket. For LSU to do that, Tiger Rag Associate James Moran says they need their top hitters to produce

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The Tigers face San Diego State this afternoon at 3 PM central time. Moran says it’s important for LSU to have a late lead, because the Aztecs have a lights out closer in Casey Schmitt…

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