10:30AM LRN Newscast March 31

The officer who shot Alton Sterling was fired from the Baton Rouge Police Department after an administrative review determined he violated departmental policies during the incident. Blane Salamoni was not charged by federal or state prosecutors, but Police Chief Murphy Paul says the decision wasn’t about politics.

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Lake was suspended three days.

Along with the results of the administrative review, Paul released evidence that was previously unavailable to the public. Video and audio from the officer’s body cams, as well as the 911 call is now available online. Sterling family attorney Mike Adams says the video dispels the notion that Sterling was at fault.

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Many children will be eager to find eggs during the traditional Easter egg hunts this year. There are things to keep in mind, especially if you plan on eating those eggs that are found. Louisiana Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain says it’s important to note how long they have been outside of a refrigerated environment before stuffing your face.

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Representatives with the Alzheimer’s Association of Louisiana were at the state capitol this week to let lawmakers know Alzheimer’s is health care crisis in this state. Spokesperson Adrienne Mullens says the number of families dealing with this disease is staggering

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