11:30 LRN Newscast March 30

Easter weekend is the peak demand for crawfish eating. LSU Ag Center aquaculture specialist Dr. Greg Lutz believes there’s enough mudbugs to go around…
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Lutz says crawfish like to eat when the weather is warm, so the size of the mudbugs are excellent too.

Flu season is calming down but a particularly nasty strain is still out there…
Voicer 1 (30) ā€œIā€™m Matt Doyle.ā€

A Walker High Senior says heā€™s being threatened with expulsion over the length of his hair and has taken to social media to fight back. Jeremy McLain is nearing his goal of 17,000 signatures on a petition to overturn the Livingston Parish School Board regulation on hair length. McLain says Assistant Princpal Tim Rodgers threatened to have him thrown out of school for not following the policy…
cut 13 (09) “…..I’m expelled”
Walker High says they are just following the Livingston school system’s dress code policy.

Many people this weekend will enjoy the Gold Brick Egg and Heavenly Hash easter candies. They are made in Ponchatoula and CEO Rob Nelson says they’ve been making them the same for decades….
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Nelson says their chocolate pecan eggs have been gaining in popularity in recent years.