10:30 LRN Newscast March 30

After a slow start, the crawfish supply is ready to match the Easter weekend demand. Freezing temperatures in January temporarily halted production, but LSU Crawfish expert Doctor Greg Lutz says the mudbugs have bounced back….
cut 3 (07) “…started to eat”
Lutz says not only is the crawfish plentiful, the quality is good too.

Louisiana is recovering from one of the worst flu epidemics in recent memory, and while the numbers have come down, Louisianans, specifically those with children, should remain vigilant. State health department immunization director Dr. Frank Welch says a particularly nasty strain of flu is still out there…
Cut 4 (12) “of infection.”
The C-D-C says nearly 58-percent of all confirmed flu cases are caused by B-strain viruses.

A Walker High School student is using social media to get support on his side after the school threatened to expell him because of his long hair….
cut 15 (06) “…every student”
That’s Jeremy McLain, who says he’s nearing his goal of 17-thousand signatures on a petition to overturn the Livingston Parish School Board regulation on hair length. The Walker High Principal says they are just enforcing the district’s dress code policy.

Elmer chocolate in Ponchatoula has once again delivered the very popular Easter egg candies Gold Brick Egg and Heavenly Hash. The family owned chocolate maker completed an expansion in 2016 and CEO Rob Nelson says it’s really help them produce different and new types of chocolate for Valentine’s Day….
cut 9 (11) “…the pieces”
Elmer chocolate employs 270 in Ponchatoula.