11:30 LRN Newscast January 2nd

Another hard freeze warning is in effect for tonight into tomorrow morning. But Phil Grigsby, with the National Weather Service in Slidell, says there is some good news, as the winds will die down and that will make it feel a little warmer outside.
cut 4 (09) “…out there”
Grigsby says we’ll have to wait until this weekend before the low temperatures get above the freezing mark.

Managing your money is a popular New Year’s Resolution. Baton Rouge CPA Layne McDaniel says if you really want to make an expensive purchase, give yourself time before plopping down your hard earned money….
cut 11 (10) “…it already”
McDaniel says putting 10-to-15 percent of your monthly salary into a savings account should be a realistic goal.

Louisiana’s craft brewery industry has the opportunity to grow, thanks to the recently approved GOP tax bill, because it cut in half the excise tax on beer for most producers. Cary Koch, director of the Louisiana Craft Brewers Guild, says Louisiana ranks 48th in the country for the number of breweries per capita and this tax cut can help grow this industry….
cut 15 (09) “…kinda plateau”

If you are in a job that you truly are not happy with, it may be a good time to make a change at the start of the new year. Many employers are starting to hire with new budgets in place. But CEO of Mid-America Careers, Nick Murphy, cautions not to make too quick of a jump…
cut 8 (09) “…equally miserable”
Martin says for those returning to work today, with a large back log because of the holidays, don’t put extra pressure on yourself to get it done today.