LRN AM Newscall October 30

State Fire Marshal Butch Browning reminds the public to watch out for potential fire hazards while dressing up and decorating for Halloween. Emelie Gunn has more…

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Hundreds of non-violent inmates at parish jails are set to be released later this week as part of the state’s criminal justice reform effort. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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There is a new material being developed in Louisiana that can keep homes drier when flooded.

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Halloween is a time for celebration, but State Fire Marshal Butch Browning reminds the public some costumes and decorations are highly flammable. Browning says costumes should have a fire retardant coating, so they don’t easily burn. He also says nearly half of all home fires during Halloween are a result of decorations too close to a heat source.

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According to the U.S. Fire Administration, there are over 10-thousand fires in American each year in the days leading up to and following Halloween. Browning says when cooking outside, make sure to keep grills and fire pits away from the home and wooden decks.

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Browning says fire around Halloween results in about 25 deaths and 125 injuries. He says jack-o-lanterns, paper spiders and dried cornstalks are very common decorations but are highly flammable.

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Changes have been made to Mega Millions. It will result in larger multi-state jackpot prizes, but the price of a ticket has increased from one to two dollars. Louisiana Lottery Spokesperson Kimberly Chopin says the higher ticket price will mean the starting jackpot starts at 40 million, instead of 15 million dollars.  Chopin says the odds of winning of the jackpot will increase, but other enhancements to the game will lead to more winners for the smaller prizes.

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Chopin says they anticipate the average jackpot to be 371-million dollars…

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Chopin says the first drawing for the revised Mega Millions game is tomorrow night. She says they know larger jackpots will lead to more players for Mega Millions.

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Prison reform measures go into effect Wednesday when some 14-hundred non-violent offenders will be released as a result of changes to the state’s sentencing laws.  It’s an effort led by Governor John Bel Edwards to lower the state’s incarceration rate which is considered the highest in the world.  State Corrections Secretary Jimmy LeBlanc says most of these prisoners set free this week were nearing their release…

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Caddo Parrish Sheriff Steve Prator was critical of the reform effort.  Prator said he learned of one man that was arrested 52 times under 34 different names would be released this week.  LeBlanc says Prator was using bad information and the sheriff has realized his error…

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Lowering the incarceration rate is estimated to save the state 262-million-dollars over ten years, most of the savings will go towards rehabilitation programs…

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Whether we like it or not, flooding is a disaster that happens in Louisiana.   An LSU AgCenter building science instructor has found an effective way to repair flooded homes at a quicker pace.  Bill Robinson calls it wet-proofing by using glass faced drywall.  He says it’s easy to dry out these walls if they get damaged…

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There are some downsides.  The first question that comes up is the cost.  There is about a 25 percent increase in construction costs, but Robinson says the long term benefits are worth it…

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The paperless drywall is being used as an experiment at Louisiana House on LSU’s campus and is also being installed in the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans 12 years after Hurricane Katrina.  He says he is finding those homeowners are willing to upgrade to his method once they see the benefits…

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Robinson has posted some of his instructional videos on You Tube and hopes to further his findings by meeting with West Monroe officials this week.


The Saints are on a five game winning streak after beating the Chicago Bears 20-12. New Orleans did a lot of things well, the defense gave up just one touchdown, quarterback Drew Brees threw for 299 yards, Will Lutz kicked two field goals and running back Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara each had rushing touchdowns. But Ingram also fumbled twice in the 4th quarter, which almost led to a come from behind win for the Bears…

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Brees it’s encouraging the Saints are winning football games, even though they have yet to play their best football…

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The Saints are now 5-2 and host 2-5 Tampa Bay this Sunday. New Orleans is in first place in the NFC South a half-a-game ahead of Carolina. Brees says they have to keep their foot on the gas, because they have lofty goals to accomplish this season…

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Louisiana Tech snapped a two-game losing streak by beating Rice 42-28. The game was tied at 28 late in the fourth quarter, but the Bulldogs mounted a 11-play, 75-yard drive that ended with a two-yard touchdown run by Boston Scott. Bulldogs Coach Skip Holtz…

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Quarterback J’Mar Smith bounced back from a bad performance in a loss to Southern Miss. Smith threw for 237 yards and a touchdown and also big-time nine-yard run on the game winning drive. Holtz on the play of signal caller…

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