10:30 Newscast October 28,2017

A federal judge in Baton Rouge sided with 80 Alton Sterling protesters in a class action lawsuit against law enforment in the Capital City. Executive Director of the ACLU of Louisiana Marjorie Esman applauds the ruling and hopes police in Baton Rouge have learned a lesson.
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The plaintiffs will receive a combined total of about 136-thousand dollars.

A Louisiana Highway Safety Commission survey finds there is an upward trend across the state with more African American drivers and passengers wearing their seat belts. Executive Director Dr. Katara Williams says in 2015, there was a 10-percent gap between black and white drivers who buckled up.
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She says those riding in pick up trucks still use seat belts at a lower rate at 82-percent compared to cars at 89-percent.


The Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office says they arrested a suspect in Grambling State University’s deadly shooting. Kelley Ray has the story…
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Governor John Bel and First Lady Donna Edwards will travel to Puerto Rico on Monday to meet with officials and discuss recovery after Hurricane Rita. Soldiers with the Louisiana National Guard and personnel with the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness are currently in Puerto Rico helping with relief efforts. Edwards says he hopes to provide some insight into recovery and rebuilding using the lessons learned from previous natural disasters in Louisiana.