16:30 Newscast August 25

AAA predicts Hurricane Harvey could drive up prices at the pump. Spokesperson Don Redman says as refineries shut down to prepare for the storm, supply will be impacted, which leads to higher prices. He says this is the kind of thing they warn about during hurricane season.

Cut 11 (09) “go up”

Redman encourages everyone to fuel up now before prices start to rise.

Hurricane Harvey could also jeopardize the rice crop in south Louisiana. LSU AgCenter Rice Specialist Dustin Harrell says most of this year’s rice has been harvested, but the storm could damage the remaining crop.

Cut 12 (11) “rice”

Harrell says farmers are rushing to harvest what’s left before Harvey pounds the state with rain.

A Shreveport woman caught on camera stuffing 11 bottles of alcohol into her purse, pants, and bra has been arrested after the surveillance footage went viral. Cpl. Angie Willhite says officers responded to the incident at Thrifty Liquor Store on August 18.

Cut 3 (09) “for all alcohol”

37-year-old Sekonie Jones faces one count of misdemeanor theft.

This Saturday in Walker American Humane will show off the new 50-foot rescue vehicle that will help save lost pets during disasters. President and CEO Robin Ganzert says the vehicle can also serve as a wellness center, which is what it will do tomorrow from 9 am to 2 pm at Z-Time Fitness.

Cut 16 (08) “free of charge”

Ganzert invites pet owners to come get their pets healthy and happy for the fall season.