15:30 LRN Newscast August 25

Harvey is expected to make landfall tonight or early tomorrow morning as a Category Three storm. The National Hurricane Center says catastrophic and life-threatening flooding is possible in Texas as some areas could get up to 35 inches of rain through Wednesday. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards says what Harvey will do after this weekend is unknown….
cut 20 (15) “…Tropical Storm Allison”
The Hurricane Center predicts Harvey will be a tropical storm Wednesday morning near the Texas-Louisiana border.

Hurricane Harvey will likely push prices up at the pump. Don Redman with AAA says the massive storm has forced refineries to shut down, which will reduce the supply
Cut 9 (07) “are currently”
The current statewide average for a gallon of gasoline is $2.14.
American Humane will show off a new rescue vehicle in Livingston Parish this Saturday. The 50-foot vehicle is designed to rescue animals during disasters like floods and hurricanes. President and CEO Robin Ganzert says a generous donation covered the cost of the vehicle.
Cut 14 (09) “for Louisiana”
Ganzert says it carries equipment and supplies, and it can shelter up to 100 animals.

Surveillance video of a Shreveport woman stealing multiple bottles of liquor went viral and it helped authorities catch the alleged booze thief. Shreveport Police spokesperson Angie Willhite says the video shows 37-year-old Sekonie Jones putting the liquor in her purse, pants and even her bra….
cut 5 (09) “…on it”
Willhite says Jones walked out of the store with 11 bottles of alcohol on her person. She surrendered to authorities and faces misdemeanor theft.