14:30 LRN Newscast February 27th

25-year-old Neilson Rizzuto of St. Charles Parish remains behind bars on a 125-thousand dollars bond. Rizzuto is accussed of driving through a crowd of parade goers in New Orleans on Saturday. Legal analyst Tim Meche says Rizzuto is facing several years behind bars and anticipates that his attorneys will try to play the sympathy card in court…
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A homeowner in DeSoto Parish has been booked on second-degree murder after authorities say he fatally shot 50-year-old James Hewitt who was allegedly vandalizing his car. Mansfield Police Chief Gary Hobbs on why they charged 34-year-old Cody Parker with second-degree murder…
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Parker told police that he’s had problems before with vandalism.

Here’s a distrubing story out of Shreveport. A 24-year-old employee at the Caddo Parish Animal Shelter has been arrested for allegedly having a sex with a dog. She’s been identified as Celina Ann Cabrera. 41-year-old Booker Thomas Junior of Shreveport was also arrested after he allegedly recorded the act.

Sneezing more than normal? Itchy/watery eyes? Experts say allergy season is hitting Louisiana with a bang this year. Michelle Southern reports…:
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