13:30 Newscast, February 27th, 2017

A legal analyst predicts jail time for the man accused of injuring more than two dozen Endymion parade goers in New Orleans..:
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Volunteers from around the country are coming together to help Louisiana flood victims get back into their homes. Louisiana Launch volunteer Shanna Forrestall says Let’s Rock uses donations to get flood victims a gift certificate that covers drywall, and more..
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You can find out more at launchlouisiana.com.

If you’ve noticed the allergy season is hitting you a bit harder this season, there’s a reason for that. Dr. Kenneth Paris, head of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology at LSU Health New Orleans, says the warm winter and dry weather has made the pollen stronger and last longer. He says it really impacts kids and adults with asthma..:
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He says excellent over the counter allergy meds are available and the earlier you start the better.

US Senator John Kennedy is calling on the head of State Police to resign amid the investigations as result of four troopers charging the state overtime and hotel expenses on a personal side trip while traveling on business. Kennedy says he’s disgusted as a Louisiana taxpayer over what happened…:
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Col Edmonson says Kennedy doesn’t know all the facts. The governor’s office is investigating the incident.