11:30 Newscast, February 27th, 2017

Should State Police Col Mike Edmonson lose his job over the side trip four troopers are accused of taking on the taxpayers dime while on business? US Senator John Kennedy thinks so…:
Cut 16 (10) “not right”
But Edmonson says Kennedy doesn’t have all the facts and the LSP investigation and the Governor’s investigation into the incident need to play out…:
Cut 15 (05) “change those”

3rd Congressional District Congressman Clay Higgins is a member of a group charged with coming up with ways to keep terrorists from entering the US. He says the Homeland Security Task Force is going to explore every possible option to make our country safe…:
Cut 11 (08) “for it to stop”
Higgins says he wants to get a boots-on-the-ground perspective from the those directly involved in vetting the people who enter our country.

It’s been a warm February for the Bayou State and it could turn out to be the warmest on record since 1932. Emelie Gunn has more…:
Cut 1 (26) “I’m Emelie Gunn”

Volunteers from around the country are coming together to help Louisiana flood victims get back into their homes. Louisiana Launch volunteer Shanna Forrestall says a lot of families either aren’t getting what they need from insurance or they’re delays on getting help from FEMA….:
Cut 3 (10) “their houses”
She says the donations are going to families who need it the most, those with elderly, disabled and special needs members.