16:30 Newscast Dec 29

Louisiana saw the third most police officers killed in the line of duty this year, with 9 total officer deaths. That’s according to President of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, Craig Floyd, who says nationwide, 135 police officers were killed this year.

Cut 3 (12) “ambush attacks”

One of those attacks occurred in Baton Rouge on July 17 when a man from St. Louis gunned down 6 officers in the wake of Alton Sterling’s death.

East Baton Rouge Mayor president elect Sharon Weston Broome was not happy with police chief Carl Dabadie’s response to Sterling’s death, which is why she’s launched a search to replace Dabadie when she takes office. Broome said in a news conference that she had positive and progressive conversations with Dabadie about the future role of the chief, but she says she wants to find an innovative chief who will build community policing into the department.

After Debbie Reynolds died just one day after her daughter Carrie Fisher passed away, doctors say you really can die from a broken heart. LSU Health cardiologist Dr. Frank Smart says for some, there’s a lot of pressure to remain calm and collected during stressful times, which can increase the risk for a heart attack.

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He says it’s best for people to try to cope with grief in their own ways.

With a mother behind bars for leaving her baby in a trashcan, some say Louisiana law should better protect the mentally ill. District 8 ADA Tony Clayton says it’s concerning that 34-year-old Kyandrea Thomas might not get air treatment under the circumstances.

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