15:30 Newscast December 29,2016

In the wake of Debbie Reynolds death just one day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher, passed away, doctors say you really can die from a broken heart. Michelle Southern has more…
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The 36-year-old son of Avoyelles Parish DA Charles Riddle III has been arrested for allegedly possessing counterfeit money and trashing a hotel room. The Advocate reports John Riddle was addressed by his father in an emotional social media post stating that his office was an alleged target and that he made the complaint. DA Riddle says his office would be recused from prosecuting any cased filed against his son.


Assistant District Attorney Tony Clayton believes the case of Kyandrea Thomas dumping her baby in a Walmart garbage can shows a real problem with state law. Clayton says it’s time to approach mental disabilities differently because many people in the state are affected. He says he will bring this change before the legislature in the next session but until then….
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Currently, Insanity can only be a defense in Louisiana if the individual is believed to not understand the difference between right and wrong while committing the crime.

Washington Parish authorities have arrested an 18-year-old for allegedly vandalizing and stealing from Louisiana National Guard members. Franklinton Police Major Justin Brown says Evantrell Tennessee is accused of trashing and robbing several soldiers’ vehicles while the troops were training. He believes there are more people involved…
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