17:30 Newscast Nov 30

A Baton Rouge college student has been arrested for allegedly murdering and dismembering his parents at their home in Tennessee. Knox County Sheriff Major Michael MaClean says 29-year-old Joel Michael Guy Junior went home for Thanksgiving and stabbed his parents, then tried to cover up the crime.

Cut 15 (08) “destroy evidence”

Guy was arrested at his apartment in Baton Rouge.

Democratic US Senate candidate Foster Campbell announces he’s raised more than $2 million for his campaign in the last month. Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat expects Campbell will use this money to hit the airwaves hard with ads attacking Republican John Kennedy. But he doubts it will be enough for Campbell to win the race.

Cut 11 (10) “big win”

The Feral Hog Management Task Force met today to discuss ways to control the state’s wild hog population. Louisiana Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries veterinarian Dr. Jim LaCour says the state has dedicated 360-thousand dollars towards the problem.

Cut 5 (11) “for control”

He estimates there are more than half a million feral hogs in the state.

The 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season comes to an end today. This was the first above average season since 2012. NOAA’s lead hurricane forecaster, Gerry Bell, says he can’t stress enough to coastal residents the importance of being prepared every year for hurricane season.

Cut 8 (07) “of people”

Five named storms made landfall in the US this season.