16:30 Newscast November 29,2016

Law enforcement agencies in Baton Rouge have settled a civil rights lawsuit that alleged cops abused Alton Sterling protesters. Michelle Southern reports…:
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A cold front will move across Louisiana tonight, colliding with warm, moist air that’s already produced tornado warnings in northeast Louisiana. State Climatologist Barry Keim says there is also a threat of heavy rainfall…
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Tulane Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences chairman says coastal Louisiana could face serious implications if President-elect Trump takes the U.S. out of a climate change agreement. Tor Tornqvist says if the United States takes itself out of the agreement, it will be hard to manage the rise in sea level and that puts our coast in jeopardy.
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The driver of a mud boat has dead after colliding with a swamp tour airboat yesterday afternoon in Bayou Des Allemends. Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Spokesperson Adam Einck says the mud boat driver has been identified as 35-year old Bart Dufrene, Jr from Des Allemends. Einck says the two boats were going around a bend when they crashed but it’s still unknown exactly what happened.
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