PM Newscall November 29,2016

Law enforcement agencies in Baton Rouge have settled a civil rights lawsuit that alleged cops abused Alton Sterling protesters. Michelle Southern reports…:

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A local climate scientist expresses concern over the possibility of the United States removing itself from a climate change agreement. Don Molino has the story…

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One person is dead after an airboat on a swamp tour collided with a mud boat yesterday afternoon in Bayou Des Allemends. Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Spokesperson Adam Einck says the crash occurred near Mud Lake in Lafourche Parish and the mud boat operator was ejected into the water.

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The mud boat driver has been identified as 35-year old Bart Dufrene, Jr from Des Allemends. Einck says the two boats were going around a bend where they collided but it’s still unknown exactly what happened.

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No one on the swamp tour airboat was ejected or injured. Einck says impairment is not suspected and the mud boat driver was not wearing a life jacket.

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Law enforcement agencies in Baton Rouge have settled a civil rights lawsuit filed by advocacy groups that alleged police used excessive force and psychical abuse during Alton Sterling protests. ACLU of Louisiana Executive Director Marjorie Esman says this agreement assures that citizens’ rights are respected moving forward…:

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During some of the protests, authorities said protesters were breaking the law by blocking roadways and creating public safety issues. Esman says in cases like this, officers should give a verbal warning before they come in and start arresting people without notice:

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The suit said that during protests people were wrongfully arrested when they were gathered peacefully to speak out against the killing of Sterling during a confrontation with officers. Esman says this proceeding was not seeking monetary damages and money had nothing to do with it..:

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A cold front is sweeping across the state tonight bringing the potential for another round of severe weather. State Climatologist Barry Keim says parts of eastern Louisiana have an enhanced risk of severe weather with the rest of the state having a slight to marginal risk. He says we could experience tornadoes, high winds and hail.

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Keim says the majority of the rain potential is in southeastern Louisiana with the chance of one to two inches of rain. He says the temperatures are very warm today but…

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Keim says this cold front will push all the warm air out towards the Gulf. But he says in the process it will produce a lot of rain and the possibility for severe weather.

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The chairman of the Tulane Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences says the implications for coastal Louisiana would likely be devastating if President-elect Donald Trump takes the United States out of a climate change agreement. Tor Tornqvist says if the US doesn’t reduce greenhouse gases, sea levels will rise and swallow Louisiana’s coast…

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Last April, President Barack Obama joined leaders from nearly 200 other countries to reduce emissions. America is the second-largest emitter of greenhouse gases. Tornqvist says large communities will have to be moved if this climate change agreement is not followed…

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Based on previous statements, Mr. Trump has expressed skepticism about global warming caused by humans. Tornqvist says if the United States takes itself out of the climate change agreement, it will be hard to manage the rise in the sea level, putting Louisiana’s coast in jeopardy

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