14:30 LRN Newscast November 29th

A local climate scientist expresses concern over the possibility of the United States removing itself from a climate change agreement. Don Molino has the story…
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A tornado watch has been issued for central and northeast Louisiana until nine o’ clock tonight. At around two o’ clock this afternoon, the National Weather Service says a thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was located in LaSalle Parish and moving northeast at 40 miles per hour. There’s also a severe thunderstorm warning for Caldwell Parish.

One person was killed in a crash involving a swamp tour airboat in LaFourche Parish. State wildlife and fisheries spokesperson Adam Einck says the airboat hit a mud boat driver near a bend in the waterway and the mudboat driver was not wearing a life jacket……
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A settlement agreement has been reached between advocacy groups and law enforcement agencies in Baton Rouge over the protests that occurred after Alton Sterling’s death. Louisiana ACLU executive director Marjorie Esman says this memorandum of understanding will allow for people to peacefully protest….
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There were no monetary damages as part of the settlement.