With less than two weeks to go before the runoff, US Senate candidates are making a final push to get voters out to the polls. Jeff Palermo has more…

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According to the nonprofit organization Shared Hope International, Louisiana has the best anti-trafficking laws in the country. Halen Doughty has more…

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After a fatal shooting on Bourbon Street, Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser is worried people won’t want to travel to the Big Easy. Halen Doughty has more…

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Early voting for the December 10th runoff is underway, and Louisiana’s US Senate race is drawing national attention. Democrat Foster Campbell says he has drawn support from all over the US, as the party’s last hope for closing the Republican majority in the Upper Chamber.

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Campbell made his comments at the Baton Rouge Press Club. His opponent, Republican Treasurer John Kennedy declined to attend. Instead, he was in Metairie on Monday with the National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman, Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker.

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Wicker says Republicans currently have a majority in the Senate 51-48, which makes this a pivotal race. He says if Kennedy wins, it would give the GOP more of a governing majority.

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But Campbell remains optimistic that he can pull out a win in the red state. He says as a pro-life, pro-gun Democrat, he can draw votes from both sides of the party lines.

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Governor John Bel Edwards is hoping the death of former Cuban President Fidel Castro will lead to more trade with the island nation. Edwards, who led a trade mission to Cuba in October, doesn’t expect any changes over night, but hopes Louisiana can return to being a major trade partner…

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President Barack Obama has worked to try and end the 55-year-old U.S. trade embargo with Cuba, but President-elect Donald Trump has given no indications he’ll continue these efforts. Edwards says he’s willing to work on reducing those trade barriers…

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Edwards says if relations with Cuba are restored, it would be for the state’s rice industry. He says the rice consumption in Cuba per capita is 144 pounds per year…

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Louisiana ranks number one in the nation for the best anti-trafficking laws, according to the nonprofit organization Shared Hope International. Franklinton Senator Beth Mizell, who serves on the state’s Human Trafficking Study Commission, says while this is a step in the right direction, more needs to be done to help the victims.

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Mizell says there’s only one therapeutic home for sex trafficking victims in Louisiana, and it only holds up to ten girls. She says we need more safe places for these girls to go once they’re rescued, which takes a facility and a dedicated staff to care for them.

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Mizell says the first thing we have to do is make sure these victims aren’t treated as delinquents and pushed into the criminal justice system.

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Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser is concerned about tourism dropping in New Orleans after the fatal shooting on Bourbon Street last weekend. Nungesser says every negative story impacts a city because people have to feel safe to come here.

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Nungesser says there are too many criminals walking around because too often these people are in and out of jail. He says something needs to be done to keep dangerous offenders behind bars.

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Nungesser says we’re reacting to these crimes, but we need to be proactive and prevent crimes before someone gets hurt. He says that starts with getting police the equipment they need and working with state and local officials to implement new policies.

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LSU will find out its bowl game destination on Sunday, but it’s difficult to figure where the Tigers will go. That’s because eight teams in the SEC have either seven or eight wins. Jerry Palm updates his bowl projections every week on CBS-Sports-dot-com

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Palm says Alabama is headed to the college football playoff and the Sugar Bowl will take the highest ranked SEC team in the C-F-P, which he says will either be Auburn or Florida. He says his best guest for LSU is either the Outback Bowl in Tampa or the Taxslayer Bowl in Jacksonville

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LSU was in the Texas Bowl last year and easily defeated Texas Tech 56-27. Palm says the SEC will help determine the bowl game for LSU, but they’ll be wanted by several bowls, because many fans are excited about the hiring of Ed Orgeron…

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This Saturday, Louisiana Tech plays in the Conference USA Championship game against Western Kentucky. Palm says if the Bulldogs win they’ll play in the Zaxby’s Heart of Dallas Bowl, a loss will send them to the New Orleans Bowl….

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