08:30 Newscast, November 14th, 2016

Congress reconvenes today, which means Louisiana’s congressional delegation will resume its efforts to get more federal funds appropriated for flood recovery. Baton Rouge Congressman Garrett Graves says the election of Donald Trump changes the dynamic of what they will do when it comes to getting Louisiana additional payments…:
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Today is the final day for flood victims to register for Disaster Assistance. Ray Perez with FEMA says approximately 152,000 individuals have registered for federal aid, and $723 million has been approved. He says this doesn’t mean FEMA’s work is done here…:
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To apply for federal disaster aid visit disaster-assistance-dot-gov.

Gas prices have once again dipped below two dollars. Senior Petroleum Analyst with GasBuddy.com, Gregg Laskoski these decreases are the continuation of the significant trend of prices dropping lower than they were a year ago…:
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He sys the lowest prices for gas in the state are in Lafayette, Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

In the 3rd Congressional District race, Republicans Scott Angelle and Captain Clay Higgins are going head to head in the runoff.
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