LRN AM Newscall Sept 30

The Deepwater Horizon film premieres in theaters nationwide today. Emelie Gunn spoke with Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser who was Plaquemines Parish president during the 2010 rig explosion….

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Tomorrow is the start of October, which can only mean one thing in Louisiana- it’s time for the Angola Rodeo. Jeff Palermo has more…

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Tomorrow night will be the first time LSU interim head coach Ed Orgeron will get to show whether he has what it takes to turn the season around. Halen Doughty reports…:

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The Deepwater Horizon movie premieres in theaters today and shows the story of the lives lost during the 2010 rig explosion off the coast of Louisiana. Lt Governor Billy Nungesser was the president of Plaquemines Parish when 11 crew members were killed in the worst offshore oil disaster in U.S. history and he says this movie accurately portrayed what went on during the blast.

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The movie was filmed in Louisiana. Nungesser says he spoke with oil rig engineer Mike Williams, the survivor played by Mark Wahlberg, and he said he was impressed and was glad the film honors those who died. He believes many things can be learned from this horrific experience and by watching the reenactment.

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Nungesser says Deepwater Horizon is a well done film and demonstrates everyone who works on the rig is a big family.

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New FEMA flood maps go into effect today impacting three southeast Louisiana parishes. FEMA Assistant Administrator, David Maurstad, says 60-thousand homeowners who are currently in the high risk mandatory purchase area are moving to a low to moderate risk, which means flood insurance is no longer federally required by lenders and residents might be eligible for lower rates on their policy.

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Maurstad says even if a homeowner’s risk goes down with the new maps, they still need to be prepared for the next flooding event.

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The changes to the FEMA flood maps will impact residents in Orleans, Jefferson and St. Bernard Parishes. Maurstad says even though they’ve improved flood control infrastructure in this area, it’s still a risk for flooding.

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The Wildest Show in the South gets underway this weekend, as the Angola Rodeo returns Sunday on the grounds of the state prison. Angola spokesperson Gary Young says the rodeo is held every Sunday in October, and the gates open at 9am.

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Young says the rodeo benefits Louisiana Corrections Workforce Reentry Program, which helps inmates learn how to become productive members of society once they are released. He says the rodeo is known for the arts and crafts that are sold there and there’s plenty of other stuff to do before the rodeo begins.

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Young says the arts and crafts made by the Angola prisoners are all reasonably priced. He says the inmates pay sales taxes on the items, but they get to keep some of the money they earn from the sales.

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The Louisiana National Guard says the bunker that exploded at Camp Minden operated the way it was designed to handle such a blast, as it contained and controlled the M6 propellant. Matt Harris with Louisiana State Police says no people or property were hurt in the explosion.

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About 15 million pounds of explosives were moved to Camp Minden after they were improperly stored several years ago. Harris says the earth covered bunkers are made to withstand that kind of blast to keep the debris and the damage to a minimum.

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Harris says they still aren’t sure exactly why the M6 went off spontaneously, but their investigation into the matter is ongoing.

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Tomorrow night will be the first time LSU interim head coach Ed Orgeron will get to show whether he has what it takes to turn the season around. College Football analyst Mike Detillier says the team has been playing without excitement this season, but you can be sure Coach “O” will get their attention real quick…:

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Former head coach Les Miles essential ended up losing his job for failing to establish a passing game. Detillier says Coach “O” is changing up the way that they practice, so that they aren’t doing the same thing over and over every week…:

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Detillier says it’s been almost as if the team needs jumper cables…:

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