17:30 Newscast Sept 29

The Louisiana Economic Outlook report shows the state’s economy will remain stagnant over the next year. Emelie Gunn has more…

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One man is behind bars and another is wanted after they posed as FEMA personnel. Police say 47-year-old Deshaun Harness and another man knocked on the door of a home in Tangipahoa parish claiming they worked for FEMA. They then allegedly produced a handgun and pushed their way into the home, shooting one of the residents in the stomach and critically wounding him.

Four hundred million dollars has been approved for flood recovery in Louisiana, and President Obama has signed the aid package. Lafayette parish president Joel Robideaux says flood victims are asking when the aid will arrive, and officials still can’t answer that question.

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Robideaux says they will hopefully know more in the next couple of weeks.

A video of a Louisiana man has gone viral. 29-year-old Sky Jones posted a video on Facebook of him dancing around his pregnant wife in the delivery room. Jones says he didn’t expect the video to go viral, but he’s gotten a positive reaction to the post.

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Jones says he was excited about the birth of his first biological son.