17:30 Newscast Sept 28

At the first meeting of the Restore Louisiana Task Force, Governor John Bel Edwards tells members they have the important job of helping flood victims get back on their feet. The task force will determine how federal flood recovery dollars will be spent. The state could receive billions of dollars and Edwards says it must be used appropriately.

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President Barack Obama has asked Congress to approve two-point-six billion dollars for Louisiana’s flood recovery.

A West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Deputy, her daughter, and her neighbor were killed in a double murder-suicide in Pointe Coupee parish. Sheriff Bud Torres says a gunfight erupted yesterday afternoon between Deputy Donna LeBlanc and her neighbor, 29-year-old Gregory Phillips. Torres says the deadly shootings took place in the deputy’s yard.

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The body cam video has been released of the police shooting that left a 6-year-old boy dead in Marksville. The video shows Deputy Derrick Stafford open firing into a vehicle. The father, who was critically wounded in the shooting, reportedly rammed his car into the deputy’s vehicle before he fired, but the video does not show the father using his vehicle as a weapon at the time of the shooting.

The creepy clown trend has now reached Louisiana as multiple sightings have been reported to police. Emelie Gunn has more…

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