16:30 LRN Newscast September 28th

Today, Governor John Bel Edwards spoke to the Restore Louisiana Task Force, which has been formed to come up with a plan to get federal flood aid into the hands of flooded homeowners…
CUT 10 (08) “to flood”
The US Senate has approved 500-million dollars in flood aid for Louisiana and other states and more money is expected to be approved in December.

Creepy clowns are in the news around the country and now in Louisiana. Apparently people are dressing up in costumes and masks and entering random places to scare people. The clerk at a St. James Parish supermarket where clowns were spotted says she hopes they don’t come back, because you never know what they might be up to…:
CUT 8 (05) “do come”
Authorities say this might be a joke to some, but they are on the lookout for suspicious behavior and will take action when necessary.

Three people are dead, including a West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Deputy, following a double murder/suicide in Pointe Coupee parish. Sheriff Bud Torres says they don’t know how yesterday’s gunfight between Deputy Donna LeBlanc and her neighbor, 29-year-old Gregory Phillips, started…:
CUT 4 (09) “pleasant relationship”
Torres says they believe Phillips shot LeBlanc and her daughter, then killed himself.

A man has been arrested after walking near an elementary school with an assault rifle. Baton Rouge Police Sgt. Don Coppola says they received numerous calls yesterday that 25-year-old Carl Willis was walking down the street carrying an AR-15.,,,
cut 15 (10) “…with officers”
Coppola says Willis faces one charge of carrying a weapon on school grounds.