LRN Newscast 15:30 09-30-14

With a US Senate Candidate Forum tonight in Kenner without Republican Bill Cassidy in attendance, that could help his two main opponents who WILL be there–Senator Mary Landrieu and Republican candidate Rob Maness…

CUT 5 (06) Q: “could be the difference”

That’s Political Analyst Clancy Dubos.


Baton Rouge police have a daughter and granddaughter in jail following the shocking discovery of a dead and unclothed elderly woman in a wheelchair inside her home. Cpl. Don Coppola says the current charge against the caregivers- her daughter, 53 year-old Joleslie Looney and her granddaughter, 17 year-old Lauren Looney – is cruelty to the infirm…
CUT 11 (08) Q: “a murder charge”
The victim is 82 year-old Bessie Looney.


The state’s annual survey of seat-belt use reveals record-high compliance rates. Michelle Southern reports

CUT 1 (30) “reporting”

Ever since Bergeron’s Restaurant in Port Allen began offering a 10 percent discount for any customer carrying a gun, business is booming. The owner, Kevin Cox, says it’s all about supporting the Constitution…

CUT 14 (08) Q: “a little louder”

Cox says he hasn’t heard a single negative comment.