LRN Newscast 14:30 09-30-14

Two out of three leading candidates in the Senate race will be in Kenner for a forum tonight. Senator Mary Landrieu and Republican candidate Rob Maness will be there, but no Congressman Bill Cassidy.

CUT 3 (08) “make a difference”

That’s Political Analyst Clancy Dubos says not attending could hurt Cassidy.
A disturbing case of cruelty to the infirm in Baton Rouge, as BRPD discovers 82 year Bessie Looney in her residence dead and unclothed in her wheelchair…

CUT 10 (07) Q: “had occupied”

That’s BRPD Cpl Don Copola who says police arrested her daughter; 53 year-old Joleslie Looney and her granddaughter; 17 year Lauren Looney who were serving as caregivers.

If you’re packing heat, you can get a 10% discount at a South Louisiana restaurant. Bergeron’s in Port Allen has a sign that reads, “Thank you for carrying your gun today, 10% Discount.” The owner Kevin Cox says the support is overwhelming…:

CUT 13 (12) “for doing that”

As you might imagine, this policy has has gotten a lot of national attention.
A Lafayette financial planner who defrauded residents of over $6 million dollars in an investment scam is going to jail for 10 and half years. U S District Judge Richard Haik (hike) gave that term to forty six year-old Richard Boswell, along with requiring him to pay $6.3 million to his victims, many of whom lost their life savings.