LRN Newscast 06:30 April 28

The Louisiana House approves a bill to prohibit organizations that perform abortions, like Planned Parenthood, from receiving public funding. West Monroe Representative Frank Hoffman is author of the legislation….
cut 13 (10) “….other purposes”
The measure heads to the Senate after it passed on an 85-7 vote, despite concerns this legislation is not constitutional.

A bill that would require cursive to be taught in public schools was unanimously approved by the Louisiana Senate. Bossier City Senator Ryan Gatti spoke in favor of the measure, because many historic documents were written in cursive. He says our children need to be able to read and write in script, not just from their iPads or iPhones…
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The measure heads to the House floor for more discussion.

Access to medical marijuana has been a big topic in this legislative session. Michelle Hall of Vernon Parish urged a House committee to make the drug accessible for her daughter, who has epilepsy…
cut 8 (06) “….my family”
Hall says they’ve moved to Colorado so her daughter can use medical cannabis and it’s improved her life. It’s unclear if the Louisiana House will go along with a proposal that would make medical marijuana available for more illnesses.

A preliminary court hearing takes place today for Cardell Hayes, the accused killer of former Saints defensive captain Will Smith. The hearing will determine if there’s enough evidence to hold a defendant until a trial. A grand jury has reportedly met on the case, if they indict Hayes, than today’s hearing will be cancelled.