LRN AM Newscall April 28, 2016

The mother of a young girl with a seizure disorder spoke to legislators about how the medical marijuana she moved to Colorado to get is the only drug that has worked for her daughter. Halen Doughty has more…

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 Legislation to require cursive to be taught in public schools passed in the full Senate.  Emelie Gunn has more…

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A proposal to prohibit organizations that perform abortions from receiving state funding has been approved by the House. Jeff Palermo has more…

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Latest campaign finance numbers show Republican Senate candidates Charles Boustany and John Fleming each have around two-million dollars in their campaign war chest. GOP state Treasurer John Kennedy has about 700-thousand. UL-Lafayette political science professor Pearson Cross says the November 1stprimary is about six months away and these numbers reflect that this will be an expensive race.

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Other republican candidates include Rob Maness, who has 213-thousand dollars on hand, while former Congressman Joseph Cao reported raising zero dollars during the first quarter.  Democrats Caroline Fayard and Foster Campbell each have about $250-thousand dollars as of March 31st. Cross expects Democrats will continue to lag behind the Republican favorites…

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Cross says the candidate who is in the best position for fundraising is Boustany, who sits on the House Ways and Means Committee and that gives him better connections…

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A woman from Louisiana, who moved to Colorado to get medical marijuana her daughter needs for her seizure condition, tells her story to state legislators. Lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow people with a wider variety of disorders to get the marijuana treatment. Michelle Hall of Vernon Parish says her daughter, Ella, is doing much better since starting her cannabis medication. She says when her daughter takes the marijuana-derived medication, she is by no means “high.”

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Hall says the medical marijuana works better for Ella than any other medication they have tried in the past four years. She pleaded with lawmakers to approve the legislation so she can bring her children home.

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Hall told the House Health and Welfare Committee that the medication is not a drug that gets her child high. She says it’s just a medication that actually works. Hall says there are other families from Louisiana that use the same dispensary, Hailey’s Hope, in Colorado.

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So far lawmakers are in a disagreement over who should have access to medical marijuana.


A bill to require cursive to be taught in public elementary schools passes through the full Senate. Bossier City Sen. Ryan Gatti spoke in favor of the legislation and says many historic documents were written in cursive. He says our children need to be able to read and write in script, not just from their iPads or iPhones.

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Gatti says Abraham Lincoln didn’t use his iPad or Siri, he took out his quill pen and wrote the Gettysburg Address on a train.

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 Gatti says men and women chose to write the Articles of Confederate, the Constitution and the Louisiana Purchase in cursive not print or any other method.

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The full House approves a bill to prohibit organizations that perform abortions, like Planned Parenthood, to receive public funding. West Monroe Representative Frank Hoffman says the purpose of the bill is not to shut any of these facilities down.

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Planned Parenthood has a new clinic under construction in New Orleans, where they plan to perform abortions. Hoffman says he hopes this bill would prevent that from happening.

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A federal judge has blocked previous attempts to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood clinics. Baton Rouge Representative Denise Marcelle went back and forth with Hoffman about whether or not the state dictates what other organizations can and cannot do.

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The measure passed on an 85-7 vote and moves to the Senate.


The 2016 NFL Draft begins tonight in Chicago at 7 P.M. on ESPN and NFL Network. The New Orleans Saints are expected to draft defensive players early and often as the team finished 31st in total yards given up in the NFL.
When asked about his team’s draftboard based on the depth of certain positions on this draft class, Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis says it varies.

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In addition to defensive help, the Saints are also looking at options on the other side of the ball. Loomis says the team has looked into this quarterback class similarly to previous drafts.

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The LSU baseball Tigers begin a three game series at Ole Miss tonight. The Bayou Bengals are 27-14 overall, 10-8 in the SEC and coming off a disappointing loss to Tulane. In fact the Tigers have lost three of their last four games, but Coach Paul Mainieri is still optimistic about his team’s potential…

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Before leaving for Ole Miss, Mainieri addressed the comments he made following Saturday’s loss,  where he blamed first baseman Greg Deichmann, because he didn’t keep his foot on the bag on a putout. The coach he was transparent about his disappointment, but it wasn’t meant to signal out Deichmann…

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