16:30 LRN Newscast April 27

A House committee rejected a proposal today that would require movie theaters to install metal detectors. Author of the legislation, Shreveport Rep. Barbara Norton, says this bill is about protecting the lives of our loved ones. She was upset that many of her colleagues voted against the measure.

CUT 7 (07) “our children”

The vote was 6-5 against the legislation.

A Senate Committee approved a bill to triple the waiting period for an abortion. Sancha Smith, the State Director for Concerned Women for America, spoke in favor of the measure because she says women need more time to consider all of their options, before making this decision.

cut 10 (07) “a life”

The measure passed on a five to two vote and heads to the Senate floor.

The Louisiana Humane Society has declared a city-wide animal abuse alert in New Orleans after a dog was brutally beaten and burned. Jeff Dorson, Executive Director of the Louisiana Humane Society, says they are still trying to find the people responsible for this gruesome crime, because they are clearly dangerous.

CUT 4 (06)  “of time”

The unnamed dog is being affectionately referred to as the City Park Dog.

The case of a 2-year-old that went missing in Clinton 15 years ago is being reinvestigated by the FBI. Avery Davidson, a former WAFB reporter, covered Wesley Morgan’s disappearance in 2001. Davidson says the child was playing on the front porch when his mother went inside and came back outside to find the little boy was gone. He says there was a huge search after his disappearance…

Cut 13 (10)  “he was”