15:30 Newscast April 27,2016

The FBI is reopening a 2001 case of 2-year-old Wesley Morgan that went missing in Clinton. Former WAFB reporter Avery Davidson covered the disappearance and says the child was playing on the front porch when his mother went inside and came back outside to find the little boy was gone. He says everyone is eager to find out what happened to Wesley Dale Morgan…
cut 15 (10) “15 years”

Legislation that would require movie theaters to use metal detectors was defeated in a House committee. Prairieville Rep. Tony Bacala says if someone wants to shoot up a movie theater, the first person to be killed is the young minimum wage employee working the metal detector that day.
CUT 6 (10) “to react”

Shreveport Rep. Barbara Norton, says this bill is about protecting our loved ones.


Legislation to increase the waiting period to get an abortion to 72 hours passes in a Senate committee. State Director for Concerned Women in American Sancha Smith supports the bill and shared her experience of getting an abortion as a teenager.
CUT 9 (11) “better decision”

Angela Adkins with the Louisiana Organization for Women says women die from illegal abortions because of abortion restrictions.

A small dog was found beaten and thrown into a fire in New Orleans’ City Park. Executive Director of the Louisiana Humane Society Jeff Dorson says this is one of the most horrific cases he’s ever seen. He says the dog was beaten around the head, muzzle, and jaw…
CUT 3 (11) “the pit”