PM Newscall, April 26th, 2016

Legislators are looking at proposals to regulate drones to prevent individuals from using them to commit crimes, like stalking and voyeurism. Don Molino has more…

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An ad airs today from the Louisiana Federation for Children, a pro-voucher group, that shows parents of voucher students saying Governor John Bel Edwards lied to them by cutting the budget of the Louisiana Scholarship Program. Michelle Southern has more…

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Louisiana lawmakers are working to regulate drones. Baton Rouge Senator Dan Claitor has legislation that prevents people from using drones for stalking, voyeurism, and other crimes. He says his proposals are intended to protect people from people, as well as the government.

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Claitor has proposed similar legislation before, but lawmakers were more hesitant, as drones were not as popular a few years ago as they are now. He says technology is advancing, and regulation of drones is needed to keep up with the times.

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Claitor says you shouldn’t be able to do something with a piece of technology that would wouldn’t do with your physical person.

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One of Claitor’s measures would make it illegal to fly a drone over someone’s property without their permission, and that bill has passed the Senate. Another proposal, which would prevent people from using drones for stalking, harassment or assault, is scheduled to be hear in a Senate committee.


A 17-year-old is under arrest after making threats online involving the Alexandria Senior High School prom. Rapides Parish Lt. Tommy Carnline says investigators believed an incident could take place at the prom and discovered a fake internet social media account. Carline says evidence found led them to arrest Adrian Ray of Alexandria at his home.

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The prom was held on Saturday night. Carnline says Ray is currently being held in the Rapides Parish Detention Center on a 21-thousand dollar bond. He says anytime they have threats of this kind, they take them very seriously.

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Authorities believe Ray is the only person involved with the threats. Carnline says Ray is charged with Terrorizing, Stalking, and Obstruction of Justice.

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One of the largest employers in central Louisiana announces mass layoffs are coming. Houston-based Union Tank Car Company (UTLX) said it expects to lay off about 224 employees beginning June 24th at its Alexandria facility. Jim Clinton is the CEO of the Central Louisiana Economic Development Alliance. He says they’ve known for some time that this cutback was coming…:

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Clinton says the manufacturing company announced it would cut its production in half due to market conditions and poor demand outlook for railroad tank cars to plants. He says UTLX is a strong company that shouldn’t have a problem adding staff once the economy rebounds…:

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UTLX said they will continue to employ about 350 people. The Louisiana Workforce Commission says it will conduct orientation sessions for affected employees next week. Clinton says they hate to see anyone in their region out of work…:

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A pro-voucher group, the Louisiana Federation for Children, releases an ad today that features parents accusing Governor John Bel Edwards of breaking campaign promises by cutting the Louisiana Scholarship Program. LFC President Ann Duplessis says fewer children will receive vouchers to attend private or parochial schools based on the governor’s proposed budget…

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Duplessis says the governor’s proposed budget for next fiscal year cuts the program’s budget by 14-percent. She says currently 71-hundred students receive vouchers, but not all of them will get one next year, if the governor has his way…

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The governor has responded by saying the L-F-C’s accusations are blatantly false. John Bel Edwards also says that every student who is currently receiving a scholarship will continue to get one. Duplessis maintains that a cut to the state’s voucher program will not save the state any money….

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A Senate committee has approved legislation dealing with police body cameras and what footage should be exempted from Louisiana’s public record laws.  Author of the bill, Lake Charles Senator Ronnie Johns, says there needs to be some privacy safeguards but…

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New Orleans Senator J.P Morrell says it causes a lot of financial strain on police departments to save these body cam videos for three years, which is currently required by law. He says this is a very complicated scenario.

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