13:30 Newscast, April 21st, 2016

The bill to expand the list of diseases for which medical marijuana can be prescribed finally passed the Senate, after previously falling one vote short. Metairie Senator Conrad Appel opposes the bill, citing sources that says this would lead to increased use of the drug for non-medical purposes…:
CUT 5 (12) “has increased” 3x
The measure would add seizure disorders, HIV, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy and other diseases to the medical marijuana law passed last year. The bill is by Parks Senator Fred Mills who read a text from the mother of an epileptic girl, who had to go to Colorado to get the medication she needs…:
CUT 7 (06) “come home”
The bill now moves to the House.

A bill that would mandate that public schools teach cursive writing by the third grade passed unanimously out of the Senate Education Committee. Franklinton Senator Beth Mizell authored the bill, because she is concerned about kids not using cursive for their signature, which she says is an identity that students carry with them through their entire lives…:
CUT 9 (09) “an X”
The bill moves to the Senate floor.

Children have been getting tickets for selling lemonade on the side of the road according to one lawmaker who wants to see it stop. A Senate measure to exempt minors from paying taxes on sales less than $500 a year is headed to the House. Houma Senator Norby Chabert says local officials need to exercise something that he says is lacking more and more in government- common sense…:
CUT 4 (10) “being fined”