LRN PM Newscall April 21

The Senate approved a measure to expand the list of diseases that medical marijuana can be used to treat. Halen Doughty has more…

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The Senate Education Committee unanimously approved a bill to require that students be taught cursive writing by the third grade. Jeff Palermo has more…

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Louisiana lawmakers are standing up for the little guys, and girls, looking to make a few dollars at their neighborhood lemonade stand. A bill unanimously passed in the Senate to exempt minors, who sell less than $500 a year worth of product, from having to pay an occupational license tax.  Norco Senator Gary Smith says some children in the state have been ticketed for selling lemonade without a license.

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Houma Senator Norby Chabert says local officials need to exercise something that he says is lacking more and more in government- common sense.

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The measure now heads to the House.


The bill to expand the list of diseases for which medical marijuana can be prescribed finally passed the Senate, after previously falling one vote short. Metairie Senator Conrad Appel opposes the bill, citing sources that says this would lead to increased use of the drug for non-medical purposes.

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Metairie Senator Danny Martiny spoke in opposition. He says we shouldn’t legalize something just because other states are.

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Parks Senator Fred Mills authored the legislation to include seizure disorders, HIV, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy, and other diseases. He says people are leaving the state to seek this treatment elsewhere. He read a text from the mother of an epileptic girl, who had to go to Colorado to get the medication she needs.

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Slidell Senator Sharon Hewitt supports the bill because of the huge influx of emails she received from parents of children who need this medicine. She says many of them said the medical marijuana is the only drug that works for their children.

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The bill now moves to the House.


A bill that would require public schools to teach cursive writing by the third grade passed unanimously out of the Senate Education Committee. Franklinton Senator Beth Mizell  is concerned about kids not using cursive for their signature, which she says is an identity that students carry with them through their entire lives.

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Several states have a similar requirement. Mizell says cursive is becoming a lost art and children need to be able to read and write cursive.

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Mizell says the decline in the use of cursive is probably due to the increased use of technology. She says if kids can use an iPad, they should be able to use cursive.

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The bill moves to the Senate floor.


A measure that seeks to outlaw sanctuary cities in Louisiana advanced out of a House committee. The term is applied to cities in the US that have policies designed to not prosecute undocumented immigrants. Denham Springs Representative Valarie Hodges who says sanctuary cities are a national security threat…:

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Attorney General Jeff Landry supports the bill saying this would give officers a tool to ask a possible offender what their immigration status is and to show ID. But Amite Representative Robby Carter feels that would lead to racial profiling…:

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The bill will go before a full House vote now. Hodges feels the government should be able to ask about a person’s immigration status, but Carter feels this might unfairly target people…:

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