LRN AM Newscall APril 7, 2016

Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser has suggested that movie producers who film in Louisiana share their profits so the state can keep the film tax exemptions in place. Halen Doughty has more…

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 LSU is thinking about restricting drinking by student organizations on campus during football tailgates. Emelie Gunn has more…

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 A study provides information on what kind of industry medical marijuana could be for the Bayou State, if laws were passed to loosen the restrictions. Emelie Gunn has more…

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Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser has proposed that Hollywood South shares some of their profits in order to keep the film tax exemptions in place. Nungesser says he hopes to build a partnership with movie producers who come to Louisiana.

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Nungesser says movies and TV shows have had a good track record in Louisiana, such as Jurassic World and NCIS: New Orleans. He says legislators and producers need to sit down and see what will work and what would not.

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Nungesser says he spoke with producers at the Grammy’s in Hollywood, and he says he hasn’t heard a good reason why this would not work out for everyone.

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A study paid for by the Louisiana Cannabis Association finds medical marijuana use could be a 200 to 330 million dollar industry, if the state loosens its restrictions on who could use the prescription drug. Spokesperson Jesse McCormick says under current law only about 4-thousand people can be legally prescribed medical marijuana. He says if medical marijuana was also available to those with chronic pain and other serious ailments, the number of eligible patients increases to as much as 105-thousand…

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Even though the dispensing of medical marijuana is legal in Louisiana, it could be another couple of years before it’s available. There is legislation in this session that would allow those with chronic pain, HIV, seizure and spasm disorders to also use the drug once it becomes available. McCormick says the study shows how many people could actually benefit from medical cannabis…

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The study also shows medical marijuana could generate between 5 and 13-million dollars in tax revenue, if a four-percent tax was placed on the sale of the product….

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A debate is underway on the LSU campus over whether the university should restrict drinking by its students on campus during football game days. LSU is considering several regulations that are designed to crack down on binge drinking and prohibit items like couches, punch bowls, and kegs from student association tailgates. LSU’s Dean of Students Maria (Ma-dee-ah) Fuentes-Martin says she doesn’t want to see another student hurt because of current tailgating practices.

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Fuentes-Martin feels like she’s taking a proactive step. But she says during town hall style meetings on campus, she received a lot of opposition.

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 The proposed new tailgating rules for students will be presented to President F. King Alexander for his consideration. Fuentes-Martin says she’s gotten some positive feedback, but for the most part students aren’t happy with this proposed change.

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A bill has been filed that would restrict college athletic teams in the state, excluding LSU, from traveling more 375 miles to play in games. The proposed law also does not apply to football or basketball programs or postseason action. The bill’s author, Baton Rouge Representative Steve Carter, says state dollars are scarce and public dollars shouldn’t be used on long road trips for baseball, softball and volleyball teams.

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This proposal does not apply to playoffs or championship competitions, and teams would be able to attend competitions hosted by opposing schools that pay for travel costs. Carter says Louisiana’s budget is in bad shape, and legislators have to figure out a way to cut back on spending.

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ULM Athletic Director Brian Wickstrom says he understands that Louisiana is facing budget problems, but college sports are important to students. 

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The 15th ranked LSU baseball team welcomes second ranked Vanderbilt into Alex Box Stadium tonight. Coach Paul Mainieri will start Jared Poche over Alex Lange on the mound tonight. Both pitchers last threw on Saturday, but Mainieri says Poche is more equipped to pitch again on shorter rest…

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Vanderbilt comes into this series with a 6-3 record in the SEC, 24-5 overall. They have the second best team ERA in the league and they’ve scored the most runs out of any team in the Southeastern Conference. Mainieri says the Commodres have only hit 20 home runs, so they find other ways to score…

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Vanderbilt’s pitchers have struck out 319 batters, second most in the SEC. Mainieri wants his hitters to embrace the opportunity to face some great pitchers…

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