18:30 LRN Newscast

The House Education Committee rejected a bill to make a TOPS recipient pay back some or all of their scholarship if they fail or withdraw from school. Kenner Representative Julie Stokes authored the proposal. She says a lot of students get to college and have too much fun, then they end up dropping out.

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A proposal to increase the GPA a college student must achieve to keep their TOPS scholarship was also rejected.

Two new Zika cases have been confirmed in Louisiana, bringing the total number to four – but DHH says they are all okay. Medical Director for the Louisiana Center for Community Preparedness, Dr. Frank Welch says this Zika confirmation is really a few weeks late, because the tests had to be sent to the Center for Disease Control for confirmation.

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Welch says doctors have a much faster method for testing for Zika now.

Legislation that attempted to prevent local governments from removing Confederate monuments failed in a Senate Committee today. The bill would create a statewide commission that would have to grant a waiver before a monument could be altered, moved, or renamed. Confederate monument supporter Leslie Tassin says monuments of Confederate soldiers are a history lesson…

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Opponents for the legislation believe it shouldn’t be up to the state what happens to city property.

A petition on change-dot-org is calling for Natchez, Mississippi, to secede from the state after legislators there approved a bill that allows individuals and institutions with religious obligations to deny services to gay people. Natchez resident Casey Hughes says she wants to send a message to people who would visit the historic city.

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Hughes says Natchez welcomes all kinds of people, even if the rest of the state does not.