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Slidell police are searching for a wanted man after a search of his home found human remains and animal bones in a makeshift altar. Halen Doughty has more…

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With all the new sales tax laws going into effect today, compliance could be a problem. Jeff Palermo has more…

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Police are searching for a man in the New Orleans area after a search warrant led to a gruesome discovery of human remains and animal bones in a Slidell home. Sgt. Daniel Seuzeneau with the Slidell Police Department says 31-year-old Joshua Roques’ home contained ritualistic items unlike anything he’s ever seen.

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Seuzeneau says the makeshift altar was surrounded by ritualistic materials, candles, and blood. But he says they do not think the human bones are related to a homicide.

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Seuzeneau says Roques is wanted on multiple charges, including cremating human remains, unlawful disposal of remains, opening graves, mutilating human remains, and possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia. He says they believe Roques maybe trying to flee the state, as he is originally from California.

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Compliance could be a problem for businesses and vendors as new sales tax laws go into effect today. That’s according to Jason Decuir, an attorney with Ryan’s tax service. Decuir says the numerous sales tax exemptions that have been temporarily removed are causing headaches for those who are in charge of collecting taxes.

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Decuir says some businesses will find it difficult to collect the right amount of tax. For instance, sales of Girl Scout cookies is subject to a tax, as well as, admission to various museums and the selling of newspapers at a grocery store. He says Louisiana already has a sales tax system that ranks the worst in the country.

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Decuir says if vendors don’t collect the right amount of taxes, it will cause problems with the state trying to solve the budget deficit. He says this is difficult for some businesses, because many haven’t had to collect sales taxes on certain items before.

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Monroe and Shreveport broke records for rainfall totals during the month on March. Shreveport received 12.8 inches, which is the highest amount since 1945 and Monroe set a record with 24.4 inches of rain. Jason Hansford with the National Weather Service in Shreveport says much of this rain fell during the span of a few days.

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Hansford says historic amounts of rain fell in north Louisiana during the month of March. He says there are many bayous and rivers still at flood stage and the recent rainfall isn’t helping, but…

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Hansford says it’ll be tough to beat the rainfall amounts north Louisiana saw during March 2016. He says we likely won’t see these levels again during our lifetime.

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Seven Louisianans have died in crashes between cars and trains within the last three months. These tragedies have prompted the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission to urge motorists to always obey alerts at railroad crossings. Spokesperson Mark Lambert says for the entire year of 2014, there were seven train related deaths so this increase is alarming…

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Lambert says train related crashes are tragic accidents that we see far too often. He says sometimes, motorists get impatient and drive around the railroad crossing arms.

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Lambert says when you see train tracks, even if they don’t have crossing arms or lights, always think a train is coming. Also, he says don’t get too close to the tracks when you’ve stopped.

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