13:30 Newscast, April 1st, 2016

Slidell police are searching for a wanted man after a search of his home found human remains and animal bones in a makeshift altar. Halen Doughty has more:
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The New York Times is reporting that Donald Trump met with leaders of the Republican National Committee to discuss his concerns over how delegates in states are distributed, particularly in Louisiana. Trump threatened via Twitter earlier this week that he would sue the state GOP since he won the primary, but could end up getting less delegates than rival Ted Cruz.

Every shopper in Louisiana, smokers and drinkers will be paying more for purchases today, as the new one cent sales tax increase goes into effect. Meanwhile, the online commerce site Amazon has informed members of its Amazon Associates program that because of the tax measures that began today, Louisiana residents would no longer be eligible to participate in a program that allows them to receive small fees for sending customers to specific products.

Seven Louisianans have died in crashes between cars and trains within the last three months. These tragedies have prompted the Highway Safety Commission to urge motorists to always obey alerts at railroad crossings. Spokesperson Mark Lambert says for the entire year of 2014, there were seven train related deaths so this increase is alarming…:
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He says crossing arms are there for a reason and you should never drive around them.