15:30 Newscast February 29,2016

Captain Clay Higgins, known for his viral Crime Stoppers videos, has announced today that he’s resigning from the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office. Higgins has been under attack by groups stating he shouldn’t be calling black suspects, animals. Higgins said if he would’ve continued to wear the badge, he would’ve violated the principles it represents.

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Ex Klu Kluz Klansman and former state lawmaker David Duke is part of the storyline in the Republican presidential race. Duke supports Donald Trump and Trump’s opponents are criticizing him for declining to reject Duke’s endorsement during a CNN interview. Duke says political observers said his support of Trump would hurt the republican front-runner, but that isn’t the case.

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After Louisiana’s mild start to this flu season, experts say it may start to pick up soon. Halen Doughty reports.

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Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne says State Treasurer John Kennedy can save the state almost 294-thousand dollars a year, if he moved some of his employees to a state-owned building. Kennedy’s office disagrees at the savings number that Dardenne has come up with, but if it saves the state at least one dollar and if there’s room for employees, they’ll move to the state owned building.