14:30 LRN Newscast Feb 29

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump blames a bad ear piece as why he couldn’t hear a question during a CNN interview when asked about the support he’s received from former KKK leader David Duke . The billionaire businessman said he knows nothing about Duke or white supremacists. Duke says he is no longer a white supremacist, so Trump doesn’t have to answer the question…
cut 13 (10) “….or something”
Duke says political oberservers said his support of Trump would hurt the real estate mogul, but tha’s not the case at all.

State Treasurer John Kennedy says he’s willing to move 44 of his employees to a state-owned building if there’s enough space for them. Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne says the move would save the state nearly 294-thousand dollars annually. Kennedy doubts it would save the state that much, but even if it saves one dollar, he says he’ll do it.

Captain Clay Higgins, the man made famous for his “no nonsense” viral Crime Stoppers videos, announces he’s resigning from the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s office. Michelle Southern reports…
voicer 2 (30) “….I’m Michelle Southern”

Flu bug expert, Doctor Frank Welch, with the state office of public health, predicts an increase in flu cases. Welch says surrounding states are reporting an uptick in influenza and it’s only a matter of time before it reaches Louisiana. He says take steps to prevent getting the flu…
cut 5 (04) “…to get it”
He also advises people to wash their hands, stay home if ill and avoid sick people.