07:30 Newscast September 5th, 2014

Former President Bill Clinton is scheduled to be in New Orleans tomorrow. He will be the featured speaker at a fundraiser for Senator Mary Landrieu. Political analyst Clancy Dubos says this should be a nice boost for the Landrieu campaign…:
CUT 4 (12) “star attraction”
Landrieu is currently in a tight Senate race with Republicans Bill Cassidy and Rob Maness.

The 2014 Louisiana Second Amendment Weekend Sales Tax Holiday begins today and runs through Sunday. Byron Henderson with the Louisiana Department of Revenue says this is the third sales tax holiday that happens here every year and it’s exclusively for hunters…:
CUT 13 (10) “or local sales taxes”
He says you can find out more at revenue.louisiana.gov/second amendment.

A high court hearing is scheduled for today that deals with a law toughening teacher tenure requirements in Louisiana. Lawyers will present arguments about a Baton Rouge judge’s decision that a 2012 law which included changes to tenure was unconstitutional. The legislation is known as Act 1 and the State District judge says it violates a constitutional provision requiring bills to have only one item. The Jindal Administration is challenging that ruling.

The Baton Rouge Fire Department says a man was arrested Thursday morning after allegedly pouring gasoline on a woman and threatening to set her on fire. They believe the suspect, Joseph Ruiz, doused the woman from head to toe with gas when she refused to leave the house. The cops were called and the man was charged with attempted aggravated arson and aggravated battery. The woman was sent to the hospital and is in stable condition.