LRN PM Newscall November 25

The state Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control has cited 14 additional strip clubs across the state as part of their “Operation Trick or Treat” investigation. Eric Gill reports…

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Governor-elect John Bel Edwards has launched his transition website, Onward-Louisiana-dot-com. Emelie Gunn has more on what it has to offer…

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The state Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control has cited 14 additional strip clubs across the state as part of their “Operation Trick or Treat” investigation. This crackdown comes weeks after 9 clubs were cited in the French Quarter in New Orleans. ATC Commissioner Troy Hebert says these clubs were cited for several different reasons…

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The 14 strip clubs were cited for drug activity, prostitution and lewd acts. Hebert says drug and prostitution activity at these establishments breeds other criminal activity…

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Six of the establishments were issued emergency suspensions due to a threat to public safety. Hebert says the latest results of this operation show that this is not an issue that’s isolated to the French Quarter…

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Morgan City Police are saying fake money used in movies is making its way across multiple parishes in southeast Louisiana. Sgt. Rick Hartley says a few banks, bars and convenience stores have reported to authorities they’ve received these counterfeit bills. He says at this time, they’ve arrested Vanisha August of Morgan City on one count of monetary instrument abuse.

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Hartley says the bills they’ve confiscated are obviously fake marked with the phrase “Motion Picture Use Only.” But he says often times people will go into a dimly lit business in an effort to try to break the counterfeit bill for real money.

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Hartley says you can purchase movie money on a number of websites, so it’s very easy to get your hands on this fake money.

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Governor-elect John Bel Edwards has launched Onward-Louisiana-dot-com ( to give the residents of Louisiana updates on his plans and give those interested in working for his administration a chance to express their interest in a positon. Spokesperson for the Edwards transition team Mary Patricia Wray says they want the best and the brightest on their team.

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Wray says so far no decisions have been made on cabinet and secretary members, but the team is working hard to ensure announcements are made soon. She says Edwards is making sure he keeps the promises he made during his campaign.

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Wray says even though the website launched just hours ago, the resumes are already pouring in.

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Despite rumors that he could be fired soon after Saturday’s Texas A-and-M game, LSU Coach Les Miles says its business as usual as his team prepares for the Aggies. The coach was asked during the SEC Coaches teleconference if he felt this would be his last game at LSU…

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Numerous media reports say Miles could be dismissed sometime after Saturday’s game. Miles, who has the highest winning percentage in school history, says there’s no reason to defend himself to those who are deciding his future…

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Miles says his last conversation with athletic director Joe Alleva was on Sunday, but he didn’t say what was discussed. The coach says the biggest thing on his mind is Saturday’s game against A-and-M…

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