12:30 Newscast November 25, 2015

Governor-elect John Bel Edwards has launched OnwardLouisiana-dot-com to give Louisiana residents updates on his plans and give those interested in working for his administration a chance to express their interest in a position. Spokesperson for the Edwards transition team, Mary Patricia Wray, says they want the best and brightest on their team…

cut 9 (09) “team members”

She says resumes are already pouring in.

14 additional strip clubs across the state have been cited by the state Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control as part of their “Operation Trick or Treat” investigation. The 14 strip clubs were cited for drug activity, prostitution and lewd acts. Hebert says drug and prostitution activity at these establishments breeds other criminal activity…

cut 4 (07) “there’s pimps”

This crackdown comes weeks after 9 clubs were cited in the French Quarter in New Orleans.

Fake money used in movies is making its way across multiple parishes in southeast Louisiana according to Morgan City Police. Sgt. Rick Hartley says the bills they’ve confiscated are obviously fake marked with the phrase “Motion Picture Use Only.” But he says often times people will go into a dimly lit business in an effort to try to break the counterfeit bill for real money…

cut 7 (07) “little closer”

He says at this time, they’ve arrested Vanisha August of Morgan City on one count of monetary instrument abuse. Other arrests could be forthcoming.

The price of gas continues to fall in Louisiana as we head into the Thanksgiving holiday. The average price for a gallon of regular is $1.86, 7 cents lower than a week ago.