LRN Newscast 16:30 08-28-14

The same type amoeba that killed 3 Louisiana residents in 2011 is back. Water tests conducted in St. John the Baptist Parish discovered the deadly brain eating amoeba in the drinking water. State Health Officer Dr. Jimmy Guidry says DHH has issued an emergency chlorine burn in the water system. As for the rest of the state, …
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In all three previous deaths, Guidy says tap water got up the victims nose.
Four arrests have been made in connection with the shooting death of a Minden man, which authorities believe happened Sunday night. Eighteen year-old Omar Lott was shot several times and killed, as he was allegedly attempting to rob suspected drug dealer Murphy Lee Robinson of money and drugs. It’s the first homicide of the year in Webster Parish.


Further developments in the alleged murder-attempted suicide case of a Baton Rouge TV personality, Scott Rogers. Strong words of accusation were used this morning on the Jim Engster radio show by nameless victims of alleged sexual and physical abuse…
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The alleged gunman-Rogers’ producer-is in critical condition.
Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office is investigating the case of a suicidal man in the Albany area, who was shot yesterday by deputies after pointing a gun at them, and refusing to put it down after repeated warnings.
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That’s Livingston Parish Sheriff Sheriff Jason Ard.