12:30 Newscast August 28, 2014

Officials in St. John the Baptist Parish are increasing the chlorine levels in their water system after test results confirmed the presence of a deadly brain-eating amoeba. State health officer, Doctor Jimmy Guidry, says they’ve learned the deadly amoeba can get into a water system when the weather is hot and there’s not enough chlorine to burn it off….

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Officials say the water is safe to drink and cook with, but the public should avoid tap water going up their nose.

An investigation is underway into a fatal shooting involving a Livingston Parish Sheriff’s deputy. Sheriff Jason Ard says his deputies encountered a suicidal man at a home in the Albany area yesterday and lethal force was required…

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Because of the imminent threat, 48-year-old Freddie Leblanc was shot by deputies. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Troubling allegations are coming out about Baton Rouge TV personality Scott Rogers, who was fatally shot yesterday allegedly by his producer who then turned the gun on himself. This morning on the Jim Engster Show, nameless victims came forward and claimed Rogers had been physically and sexually abusing them since they were children. The anonymous man described Rogers as a master manipulator monster…

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Rogers was reportedly booked on child molestation charges in the UK, but never disclosed that when he came to America which is why he was under a federal investigation.

Governor Bobby Jindal announces Bell Helicopter will start assembly operations at the Lafayette Regional Airport in 2016. He says it’s going to happen in a new $26 million dollar facility and create an estimated 115 new jobs.