*CORRECTION* PM Newscall August 28, 2014

Chlorine levels have been increased in the water system in St. John the Baptist Parish after testing discovered a deadly brain-eating amoeba in the drinking water. Jeff Palermo has more…

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Disturbing accusations are coming out about a Baton Rouge TV personality who was shot dead yesterday by his producer who then turned the gun on himself. Michelle Southern reports.

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Officials in St. John the Baptist Parish are increasing the chlorine levels in their water system after test results confirmed the presence of a deadly brain-eating amoeba. State health officer, Doctor Jimmy Guidry, says the department of health and hospitals has issued an emergency order to perform a chlorine burn throughout the water system to kill the amoeba…

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This brain-eating amoeba was previously detected in St. Bernard and DeSoto parishes and its killed three people in Louisiana since 2011, and in all three cases, it was from tap water getting up the victims’ nose. Guidry says Louisiana is the only state in the nation that’s conducting tests for amoebas….

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Guidry says they’ve learned the deadly amoeba can get into a water system when the weather is hot and there’s not enough chlorine to burn it off….
(Officials add the water is safe to drink and to cook with, but the public should avoid tap water going up their nose.)

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Troubling allegations are coming out about a Baton Rouge TV personality who was fatally shot yesterday allegedly by his producer who then turned the gun on himself. The news of Scott Rogers death shocked people who admired him. But this morning on The Jim Engster Show, nameless victims came forward and claimed Rogers had been physically and sexually abusing them since they were children…:

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A second victim claimed he contacted federal authorities to tell his story in America when he learned Rogers adopted two young children. Rogers had been the subject of a federal grand jury and was being investigated for allegedly lying on citizenship documents about prior arrests. The anonymous man described Rogers as a master manipulator monster…:

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Rogers was reportedly booked on child molestation charges in the UK, but never disclosed that information when he came to America which is why the feds were asking questions. Victim #2 said Rogers fostered and adopted the children he abused and tortured…:(The alleged gunman, Mathew Hodgkins, is in critical condition.)

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An investigation is underway into a fatal shooting involving a Livingston Parish Sheriff’s deputy. Sheriff Jason Ard says his deputies encountered a suicidal man at a home in the Albany area yesterday and lethal force was required…

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Ard says 48-year-old Freddie Leblanc was armed when deputies responded to a call of an attempted suicide. The sheriff says despite repeated demands, the subject refused to drop his weapon and Leblanc eventually pointed his gun at the officers

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The Livingston Parish Coroner’s office pronounced Leblanc dead the scene. Ard says State Police is assisting in the investigation

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The family of a 22-year-old New Iberia man who sustained a fatal gunshot wound while in police custody is asking the US Justice Department to investigate the circumstances of his death. The Iberia Parish coroner has ruled Victor White III’s death to be a suicide. But Monroe lawyer Carol Powell-Lexing says how could White shoot himself while he’s handcuffed

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Powell-Lexing has been hired by White’s family to represent them. White says people who knew White are skeptical that he decided to end his life after he was arrested on drug charges

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The shooting happened in March and a full summary of the autopsy was released this week by the Iberia Parish coroner. State Police’s investigation is still ongoing, but Powell-Lexing says an independent autopsy is likely needed…

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